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The helicopters are apt for the congested areas where the airplanes and other Aircraftss cannot land or take off. This is the reason, the helicopters seem appropriate for the places where the airplanes seem incapable in accomplishing the task. The helicopters can be used for the purpose of aerial photography, electronic news gathering, motion picture photography, search and rescue operations, tourism, flower dropping or air ambulance.

Air Bird Charter Services is one of the leading providers of private helicopter services in India. We provide our services globally, reaching each and every destination in the world map. We are celebrated for our commendable helicopter charter services in Delhi which is known for its elite customer service. We are adept at arranging helicopters for our clients in the range from a 3 seater to a 12 seater. The choice for the capacity of the helicopter is totally a decision of the client. We make our best efforts to bring for our customers a superior and exclusive helicopter charter services in Delhi.

Our helicopter charter India services provide the clients with the tailor made solutions, as we believe that different customers have different needs, so a one fit approach cannot suit all. Our private helicopter services in India are available round the clock; this is the reason we can be approached in case of emergencies or whenever the need arises.